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When it comes to hitting the ball farther, a lot of golfers realize that technique is important. In recent years, people are also beginning to recognize the importance of getting custom fit for your equipment in order to maximize driving distance and their overall average golf swing speed. Prove It Golf - Shaft Selection - Prove It Golf has access to every major shaft company. We keep hundreds of shafts in stock for a quick reshaft or we can order anything you need in order to play your best.

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Some OEM companies get there Nippon NS Pro shafts (mainly 950 series) with a 2 Inch longer butt section. So let's say, Mizuno orders Nippon 950s from Nippon - their wedge shaft will be 37 Inch long raw length. The step pattern is identical - it's just a longer butt section and with that different raw lengths compared to standard Nippon shaft ... A Nippon for Pros and Us Nippon has been making steel shafts for years and is the number one steel shaft in Asia. But here in the US they haven’t been as popular. For me personally I haven’t had a Nippon shafted club in the bag, ever. Shafts. True Temper designs and manufactures the best golf shafts in the world and is trusted by more professional golfers than all other shaft companies combined—making True Temper the #1 shaft in golf.

The Nippon 950GH is an interesting steel shaft alternative to those that may usually prefer graphite irons. Nice high ball flight. Introduction. When these shafts came in for review, Matt asked me if I had ever hit a Nippon shaft before to which I answered “No.”

This guide shares golf club shaft information straight from the Titleist Research & Development team and allows you to search for shafts by name, filter shafts by weight or launch/spin characteristics, view specs, and compare shaft specs side-by-side. Because every player loads and releases shafts differently, the above chart is a relative (not ...

Jun 08, 2017 · Nippon has a wide range of shafts for golfers and a growing amount of players using it on tour at the highest level. We wanted to find out what shafts the pros were using and how they differed ... Just came in from my first range session with my new Ap2 with the Nippon Ns 950GH. I loved the ad65i shafts but this ap2/Nippon shaft combo is awesome. I'm hitting the Nippon shafts a little higher and possibly picked up a half club or so. The Nippon's get my vote by a long shot. Hope this helps.

Nippon Modus3 shafts have been making subtle inroads into both amateur and professional players bags. Get a free online fitting now to see which Nippon shaft best fits your swing. UPDATE July, 2018: Modus Posts it 15th Tour win in 2018. Nippon Shafts win TWO Senior Major Championships!

The GolfWorks NP0021 Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 .370" Tip Iron Shafts. Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 .370" Tip Iron Shafts. The GolfWorks NP0003 Nippon N.S. Pro 1150GH .355" Iron Shafts. Nippon N.S. Pro 1150GH .355" Iron Shafts. The GolfWorks NP0016 Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 .355" Iron Shafts. Ventus with VeloCore Technology promotes consistent center-face impact and provides ultimate stability, tightening dispersion and increasing control. The result is a shaft that maximizes the MOI and ball speed of your clubhead through the reduction of twist during the swing and at impact, especially on off-center hits. All graphite shafts are made from layers of carbon fiber. That's where the similarity ends: Graphite shafts differ in weight, length, flexibility, and other factors such as torque. Although graphite is generally softer than steel, technological advances have allowed golf designers to make graphite shafts in every ...

Nippon N.S. Pro 1050GH Iron Shaft 4-PW The N.S. PRO 1050GH Steel Shaft has a slightly heavier feel for golfers who like to hit the ball hard. There's no shortage of golfers who like their lightweight shafts a little heavier. The NS pro 950 was a stock shaft for us in 2001. We asked Nippon to build us the NS pro 970 which is a little thicker at the tip end of the shaft so it is minimally stiffer, but more importantly, it balances very well in our heads. Golf shafts can be expensive; don't get the feeling you're wasting your money by utilizing the info from this golf club shaft fitting flex chart! The N. S. PRO 1050GH Steel Shaft for a slightly heavier feel for golfers who like to hit the ball hard. There’s no shortage of golfers who like their lightweight shafts a little heavier. The N.S.PRO 1050GH is a professional-validated model designed for golfers who like to swing harder and enjoy the solid feel of a slightly additional weight.

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